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flea on skin with hairs

Fleas are very common in a household with pets. Most of these are found in their hairs. Humans are not an exception to these itchy pests, although it is unlikely that they live on our skin, but they can cause severe itching which may lead to redness and swollen of the skin. Even if you don’t have a four-legged fur animal, such as a cat or dog, living in your house, you are still not exempted to this pest infestation. If they are unattended, they could be living in your carpets, beddings, sofas, and even walls. Because they are small and very hard to be seen, they could grow their population and create their nests without us knowing.

What can you get from fleas?

Fleabites are the most common thing we can get from these pests. Aside from the bite, if we scratched our skin too hard, it can potentially damage our skin and cause a bacteria infection in the area of the bite. For us humans, it is not a deadly bite, but some are sensitive to it or may cause sensitive skin for others. Allergic reactions may also arise like raised welts on the skin or difficulty in breathing.

Since they live mostly on pets, they usually are prone to be anemic when they have fleas. That is why they need to be taken to the veterinary clinic.


The question is how will you make this pest away so that you won’t have to be bothered with fleabites? The best solution is to call our fleas control experts and we will get rid of them within a day. Of course, if you have pets be sure to have them check first and then we will start with the treatment of the infestation in your house. Don’t hesitate and call right away!

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